Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I might have a problem.

Okay, so besides my obsession to turquoise I also have a tendency to go overboard when it comes to buying books.  I haven't seriously read an entire book (for my own enjoyment) since before college - pre 2008.  It's sad, I know.  Being forced to read textbook after textbook has kind of pushed me away from reading.  I used to read novels in one or two days.  Now it will take me months.  The problem I'm currently facing is the fact that I will buy multiple books at a time, half read one or two of them, but never entirely finish them.  At the moment, I have read about a handful of pages from  five different books.  Yes.  Five.  And I have yet to finish them.  The following stack of books I have accumulated over the past year from Barnes and Noble, Target, and Amazon.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Every little thing is gonna be alright...

...At least I hope and pray it will be!  As many of you may have noticed, its been just over a week since I've posted - I had planned on posting this past weekend, but unfortunately I was dealing with something much more important.  My health.  I know I designated this blog as a space where I would share all things related to crafting, design, baking etc., but I felt the need to share what happened to me just last week.

Thursday Night - about six at night I began feeling very sharp pains in my lower right side of my abdomen.  I figured it was cramps and brushed it off.  That night I did not sleep very well, but I was well enough to go to work.  All day Friday, I continued to have a dull pain throbbing on only my right side, in addition, there was the entire body aches - my bones, muscles, everything - was aching.  It even hurt when I would blink or move my eyes side to side.  Then there was the major pressure headache.  To say the least, I was feeling horrible.  That night I went home with plans to go have sushi with my boyfriend and his mom.  I laid down, thinking to myself if I was able to sit through dinner.  I decided that my body aches and headache were the signs of the flu.  As I lay upset in bed, pissed that I somehow caught the flu (probably from a sick patient at the hospital - which I work at), and yet confused by the pain that continued to plague me only on my right side.  I starting thinking I had appendicitis and of course I looked up the symptoms on WebMD.  I started freaking out, but the only symptom I had was pain.  At this point, lost and confused, I turned to Facebook.  I posted a status asking my friends with any medical background or experience to help me figure out my symptoms and what I had.  My best friend from college messaged and called me right away saying to get it checked out because it could be possible that the problem was my appendix.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The sun is shining and the temp is below zero!

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It's a gorgeous Tuesday, the sun is shining and it's below zero!  Thank you Wisconsin winters!

Here's a view of the Polar Vortex from my window!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

For the love of turquoise.

Those closest to me know my love obsession addiction to ALL things turquoise.

I'm talking e v e r y t h i n g!

I don't have to like the product, or even need it.  Well, let me define need.  Need- as in have a practical use for it.  But in terms of my addiction, I need  it or else...well I can continue life without it, but there will be a bit of aching desire to purchase this item.  In this case, I will roam around the store several times and I will be drawn towards it.  I already have a hard enough time making decisions when it comes to shopping and choosing how to spend my money.  I will stand there admiring the item, thinking to myself, 'Okay, how many turquoise items do I already own?', and with that I will answer to myself, 'Does it matter?!'.  Yes, I have thought conversations with myself. In the end, I will either purchase it or put it on my list of future purchases to save up for.  But when it is the only item left in stock then the obvious choice is to go ahead and buy it!
No joke, turquoise has some kind of power over me.  Sounds ridiculous, but it is simply the truth.  

As my second post of the year, I decided to prove just how far my addiction goes.

Here are some of the turquoise items I have collected over the years:

This beauty I picked up at Home Goods.  Of course I HAD to have it! 
Perfect addition on my coffee table!

First Post of 2014!

So unbelievably excited to begin my blogging journey!  For so long I have been wanting to begin a blog and join an amazing community of writers who share my love for all things crafty, thrifty, and delicious!

I cannot wait to share with you some of my favorite...

This will be a short first post because I am using today to brainstorm all of the fun projects and posts that I have been dreaming about all night!  [But seriously, I didn't sleep very much last night - THAT is just how excited I am to begin this awesome adventure!]
Before I sign off, I must give a special thanks to the spectacular Mrs. Kimberly Erskine!  She did a fab job on my beautiful blog header!! Thank you so very much!  You inspire me and I always look forward to reading up on your many crafting/event planning/fur babies/husband and wifey adventures! <3  You can visit her at Little Fierce Blog by Kimberly Erskine.
xo karissa
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