Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The sun is shining and the temp is below zero!

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It's a gorgeous Tuesday, the sun is shining and it's below zero!  Thank you Wisconsin winters!

Here's a view of the Polar Vortex from my window!

It would be nice to get out and take some photos with the pup in the gorgeous snow, but I'd rather not get frostbite.  Instead, I'm spending my day brainstorming blog posts for this month, as well as doing a bit of research on good ol' Pinterest.  I'm sure I'll also have to keep warm somehow, so I also plan on heating up the oven and since it will be on, I mean I might as well make some sort of delicious dessert!!  I really have no other choice in the matter.

I only have so little sunlight and time left in the day, so I must get going with my To Do list!

I will leave you with some pictures of my very own craft room that I organized yesterday!  It's previous purpose was a second bedroom that was full of odds and ends: wrapping paper, boxes from Christmas, cookbooks, my mom's KitchenAid, pictures to be nailed to the wall, socks without a pair, a hope chest full of pajamas and a leather jacket - ya know, the usual.

happy tuesday!
xo karissa


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