Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I might have a problem.

Okay, so besides my obsession to turquoise I also have a tendency to go overboard when it comes to buying books.  I haven't seriously read an entire book (for my own enjoyment) since before college - pre 2008.  It's sad, I know.  Being forced to read textbook after textbook has kind of pushed me away from reading.  I used to read novels in one or two days.  Now it will take me months.  The problem I'm currently facing is the fact that I will buy multiple books at a time, half read one or two of them, but never entirely finish them.  At the moment, I have read about a handful of pages from  five different books.  Yes.  Five.  And I have yet to finish them.  The following stack of books I have accumulated over the past year from Barnes and Noble, Target, and Amazon.

I have promised myself that I will not start a new book until I have completely finished an entire book.  Right now, I'm working on The Glass Castle: A Memoir by Jeanette Walls.  Totally in love with this book!  What makes it that much more amazing is the fact that it is Non-Fiction - Jeannette's childhood is so outrageous it's hard to believe that her accounts are real!  A definite must read.

I think this problem is caused by the fact that I love having knick knacks, vases, candles, and books displayed all over my house.  I have books on my side tables, coffee table, my night stand.  Books really can be like art.  The covers are all so intriguing and interesting.  One thing I love is color and design!  
Yes, I do judge a book by its cover

*On another note, to update the world on my health status: I have seen a cardiologist and a nephrologist and will be seeing a urologist next month.  Whoo!  So much fun! Not really.

      Basically, I had an untreated uti (which I had no telling symptoms) - thanks a lot ER!  They knew my sample came back abnormal, but they were all "Eh, no biggie".  Yeah so I've been treated for that issue and the specialists think the scarring on my kidneys are from some kind of reflux disorder where some urine flushes up back into the kidneys instead of using the proper bodily exit, as it should.  So, I need to manage my diet (NO SALT), exercise, and drink tons of water!  It also doesn't help that I have high blood pressure, but these changes should also help elevate that problem eventually!

*On another additional note, I've been listening to Sara Bareilles on Pandora and it's blowing my mind!  Love. Love. Love.

I believe this is all I have for you for tonight!! Enjoy this bitter cold, Wisconsin!
I know I'm not!
xo Karissa


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    1. I love losing myself in a good story just as much as I love decorating my house with books! They would be better conversation pieces if I actually read them in their entirety and could discuss the plot!