Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Feeling all the feels.

 Post inspired by: itbritt's "Taking Stock: March"

Making : the world a happier place, one smile at a time :)
Cooking :  nothing.  already ate dinner an hour ago [leftover ribs and beans. yum.]
Drinking : iced passion tea with honey.
Reading: happy wives club. got a slow start to it - need to get into it more!
Wanting: to dance!
Looking:  to plan a vacation!!
Playing: 24 hours of happy : i wanna dance around the streets of la right now! so happy!
Wasting: time browsing the internet when I should put clothes away...oops!
Sewing: NOTHING! wish i was...i've been meaning to start learning.  
Wishing: Wisconsin could be done with winter already.
Enjoying: my warm Ikea throw.
Waiting: for my master's program to start in May! 
Liking: the fact that i have the next 2 days off with my love.
Wondering: what is going to happen next season of the walking dead! (my prediction: cannibals)
Loving:  Boyfriend.  He is a good guy!
Hoping: to be productive tomorrow. 
Marveling: at how fast life has flown by; & how much i've accomplished.
Needing: groceries - i want key lime chobani. delish.
Smelling: the stinky puppy!
Wearing: socks, sweats, a long sleeve - comfort is key.
Following: ELSIELARSON - absolutely love her photos and a beautiful mess updates!
Noticing: I need to start spring cleaning!
Knowing:  I really should get back to my workout routine, badly.
Thinking:  about moving out of Wisconsin.
Feeling: happyyyyyyy! because i'm happy! #clapalongifyouknowhappinessisthetruth
Bookmarking: Jess at the foreign room!  her photographs and style are thebomb.com
Opening: a new tab to read itbritt's newest blog post - check this girl out!
Giggling:  at this:

Feeling: surprised at how happy i'm feeling! had a semi stressful day & my eye would not stop twitching, so the end of my day is actually pretty good! :)

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  1. The cell phone crashing at disney was hilarious! I showed my husband last week - and he really wasn't into it... I'm glad I'm not the only one.

    But he loves the 24 hours of happy - we have that on in our house --- a lot.

    I'm super into Jess too, I'm glad you found her. She's awesome.

    yay! glad you did this. I just love reading these -
    and thanks for sending me a tweet. most people forget :(

  2. I thought it was pretty funny!! haha I haven't shown my boyfriend yet, but I'm sure he'd roll his eyes at it!
    YES I absolutely love Happy! It can never get old <3 can't help but dance to it :)
    Yes, thanks to you I found her! She is super cute. & i'm glad I did this too! it really does help people get to know each other and our little quirks/likes/whatnot! I have a pretty good memory, so i made sure to not forget to tweet you & i'm all up for making blogging friends so i will definitely keep in touch!