Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Update

The weekends seem to fly by!  Especially when there is so much going on.  Never a dull moment.

- initially we were going to a fish fry w/ Andrew's mom; instead went to Soon's for sushi
- i had the house salad with ginger dressing; veggie tempura; & shrimp tempura roll {also had a bite of a yellowfin tuna roll} stuffed!  eyes definitely bigger than my stomach!
- stopped by Marshall's...looked at every inch of the store.  wanted everything!  try to avoid this place as much as I can...too much temptation!


To get any dog's attention, all you have to do is hold their favorite possession at camera level - in this case, an old deflated basketball.  Yes, Loki can't just have a normal toy.  It has to be a basketball.  Spoiled dog.

Thought Saturday was supposed to be a nice day.  WRONG.  Mostly cloudy and rainy.  Loki wanted to play. {sorry Loke, its raining buddy!}  It perked up a bit in the afternoon, then decided against it and instead enjoyed making people in Wisconsin miserable and hate the weather more than we already do!

Once Andrew got home from work, we:
- got gas for both of our cars
- went grocery shopping
- picked up the house quick before our guests arrived

In deep concentration

Andrew lovingly photobombing my wine pic with this inappropriate gesture.
Thanks, hun.  Love you too!

My coworker friend Hayley and fiance, Brandon, stopped by for some grilled brats and drinks. Andrew made a delicious mango mojito.  The first couple sips were good, then we realized it was a bit strong for our taste.  Four drinks and Andrew used over half the bottle of mango rum! Whoa!

Here's the mojito recipe.{he substituted regular rum for mango rum}
Also he made this simple syrup.

After dinner we played Tsuro:

Andrew absolutely loves this YouTube Channel, Geek and Sundry.  I constantly find him watching TableTop hosted by Wil Wheaton - learning about the newest and coolest games!  At first I thought it was nerdy, but now I'm all for it!  Well, I could do without the $30 or more price tags on most of these games...I'd say he has bought at least six different games this past year and his total spending has got to be close to $150-200.   A little redic.

Hayley and Brandon were super thoughtful and also brought Tiramisu from our local Italian grocer, Tenuta's (a local favorite) - in addition Hayley brought her favorite sweet red wine, Stella Rosa {pictured above} and Brandon picked up one of my favorite ciders, Angry Orchard.

- had dinner with the folks at a local hole-in-the wall breakfast joint that has super cheap prices, yummy food, and could use an update on the decor!
- shopped around town: lowe's, marshalls, and big lots
- my mom also treated me to an iced mocha latte from Dunkin Donuts (also I spotted the absolute cutest coat on this girl...wish I took a pic! BUT that would be creepy!)

Picked up some lovely houseplants to brighten up the place in preparation for Spring!

My mom was super awesome and bought me this rug I was eyeing on Friday night, but at the time decided against spending the money.  Love it!  Thanks mom :)

Also picked up some bright Gerbera daisies to put in my planter until its 
nice enough to plant them in the garden! 

And today, Spring decided to go bye-bye!  April 14th, say hello to our old friend: SNOW.  Boo, you are mean Wisconsin weather.  Really rude.
What did you do this weekend?  Anything exciting or eventful {or uneventful}?  
Share with me in the comments!
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  1. Not going to lie, I'm slightly obsessed with that houseplant.
    It is so fuzzy, but I doubt we'd get enough sun here to keep it alive.

    And I do the same thing when photographing dogs, tennis balls, squeaky toys, or whatever it takes! Sounds like a bomb weekend!