Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Here I am!

This isn't going to be a huge post with pretty pictures or anything like that because I'm currently working with my cell phone at just 22% charge..so this is just a mini update!

As my Professors say, "Life Happens" and as of recent...life has been happening A LOT! I'll break it down for you...

* Accepted to Graduate School for my Masters in Social Work (the VAC MSW@USC program with University of Southern California)... Started May 16th and its been quite challenging, but loving every minute of it!
*As of yet, still no clue what's going on with my blood pressure/scarred kidneys- they have no idea how or when they became scarred and I'll have a follow up appt in August.
*I went on vacation to sunny, beautiful, hot Hilton Head Island, South Carolina aka HHI and Savannah, Georgia...love love love. Will post pictures eventually.
*A lot of talk of engagement and ring shopping (yay!)
* Quit my job at the hospital and FINALLY found a job in my field...after two years of graduating....ahhhh yay! This is my first full week as the Legal Advocate at Women and Children's Horizons in my hometown....remind me to  do a post in the future!!!
*andddddd that's about it for now...just looking forward to my next vacation in August to California to see my sestra (*yes an Orphan Black reference!)

Sorry I've been such a stranger! Life has been totally hectic, stressful, and exciting!!!

Mucho love,

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