Wednesday, December 10, 2014

12 ways you realize you have become an adult (aka your mother)

1| Shopping for home goods is exciting and way less disappointing than trying on clothes!

2| You enjoy having a bedtime at 9:00 pm...10:30 pm at the absolute latest!

3| You actually have a medicine cabinet with medications and vitamins you take each day.

4| Being an adult isn't totally can now afford to do fun things, like Green Bay Packer games {not the cheap-o nose bleed seats, either!}  - thanks to your organized budget!

5| Looking forward to coming home on a Friday and your big plans include one or more of the following: a bubble bath with candles, one glass of wine (or two...but not trying to get crazy drunk!) and/or still going to bed at a reasonable time (so you can get up early Saturday morning to clean).

6| Your Instagram posts consist of your babies and/or pets, DIY projects, pictures of food instead group party photos and #ootd pictures.  Realistically, my ideal #ootd would be sweaters, wool socks, and a baggy shirt.

7| Your weekend plans include one full day of cleaning the house top to bottom, or at least something that includes staying in like the homebody you have now become.

8| You realize that most of your plans now include more family gatherings.  You no longer die of embarrassment/boredom around your family.  You find that some nights you actually have more fun with them than going out with friends. {Thanks to going to college away from home, it actually made you want to be home and with family more than you ever had in the past.}

9| If you had to choose, you would pick Pier 1 over Forever 21.

10| You no longer crave social interaction like you did in high school or college.  After a 40 hour work week and constant interaction with others, your idea of a fun night is sitting in silence on the couch in your PJs with your new bff Netflix.

11| Your newest obsession is pinning ideas for your wedding reception and future baby's nursery on Pinterest.

12| In conversations with friends and family, you start sentences with, "When I was a kid..." or "I remember when...".  These conversations usually involve some kind of critique of the current generation's cartoons, music, and/or toys.  Then you silently shudder as you come to the realization you really are becoming your Mother! {Which isn't a bad thing, Mom!}



||| Do you feel like your priorities or interests have changed as you've matured?  Am I alone when I say I love staying home in comfy clothes?!  Share your thoughts on being an adult in the comments section below! |||
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