Sunday, March 23, 2014

Celebrate good times!

Nowadays my family only gets together for family birthdays or major holidays.  When we were little we used to have Sunday dinner at my Grandpa’s house usually consisted of grilled chicken, burgers, or brats.  Us kids would run around the backyard, playing baseball, swinging on the swing set or getting loud over something trivial to which my Grandpa would reply with a loud holler from the kitchen window.  I miss his holler.  And the way he would say we were “Goofy”.  

Its sad how one person being gone can change the whole dynamic of a family.  I see it on both sides of the family I no longer have grandparents on either side and no we spend less and less time with each other.  On my mom’s side it means less Sunday dinners and get-togethers for no reason and on my dad’s side it means going years without visiting relatives in California.

Nevertheless, I’m grateful for the time we do have together and our family birthday parties are always a good time.  It’s kind of weird just taking it all in and seeing the adults and kids able to sit at the same table and have a conversation.  When we were younger there was the “adult table” and the “kids table”.  We were never allowed to join the grown-ups – at least while we ate.  Once everyone had finished it was okay if we sat with the few grown-ups left sitting at the picnic table and talk.  

But now, we’re all grown – some still in college, most are legal and able to drink, with one exception who is still in high school.  The conversations are interesting to say the least.  We’re not afraid to speak our minds and can be inappropriate at times.  But that’s what I love about my family, I feel comfortable in saying what’s on my mind.  I mean everyone should feel comfortable in talking freely with family, but I know there are families out there who can be tight lipped and conservative in there conversations.  Families shouldn’t judge, but be accepting and open to diverse topics.  I mean, people in general should be that way – family or not.

Okay, so this post is getting a bit off topic.  Back to the celebration!

 Here's my brother, Philip, looking all GQ.

Birthday shots, shots, shots - Slippery Nipple...Buttery Nipple...something Nipple?

Not so bad!

Jack Daniels.  He seems happy with our gift. (What college kid wouldn't be? - its alcohol, he'll take it!)

Kyle joining Victor in the 21 Club.

My beautiful familia - Victor, Aunt Tami, and Selena.

Birthday boy, Kyle.

My gorgeous Mom with her funky-awesome new do' and rockin' her breast cancer tattoo!

"No pictures please!"
Uncle Robbie is afraid of the camera.


The happy couple, Uncle Robbie and Aunt Rhonda.

The Sibs: Uncle Robbie, Aunt Tami, Mom, Aunt Debbie.
Check out how similar they are - they both talk with their hands! ha ha

Sisters, Sisters.

Philip is on trial with Aunt Debbie and Mom.

Philip mean mugging the camera.

Deep in conversation.

The boys hanging out and watching March Madness.

What do you do to celebrate loved ones?

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