Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I love incomplete thoughts.

So here's the thing, I can be lazy. Not all the time, but recently I've been lazy more days than productive - the snooze-your-alarm-ten-times-before-turning-it-off-and-waking-up-an-hour-later kind of lazy.  So this post (besides this mini Intro) will be in the form of a list.  Because I love lists, incomplete thoughts, half sentences, bullet pointed words - and as I write this my vision is becoming more tunnel-like, so I'm thinking I have very little energy and brain capacity left to form complete sentences.

list of lists...
Courtesy of Pinterest and Holly Knitlightly
PS this picture has inspired me to post a list of lists of 
my favorites/inspirations/blessings etc! 
(I'll save that for another day when I'm not drooling on my keyboard)

Today I: 

  • did the dishes
  • did one load of laundry
  • spent $77 on groceries
  • got accepted to USC for their Masters in Social Work online program (YAY!)
  • sat online for at least 3 straight hours
  • watched 3 episodes of Burn Notice (Season Five)
  • filled out school paperwork online
  • made a grooming appointment for this cutie 
  •  began reading Happy Wives Club by Fawn Weaver

Plans for tomorrow:

  • walk the pup
  • work on more school paperwork & financial aid
  • drop said pup off to get all prettied up
  • start my next canvas painting (remind me to post my first one!)
  • continue reading my book
  • have a fun random adventure with my love on our day off together!
Here's my grilling cutie braving our Wisconsin winter and making us a mean V-day meal!



  1. I feel like you would love this, since I too, also love list-making and school supplies :)

  2. Kim! I absolutely love this!!! It has a section for everything I need AND its made in Madison! Perfect :) Thanks!