Thursday, March 20, 2014

Do what you love.

I love color.  Those who know me well, know I absolutely love color.  It just makes me happy.  So today on this gorgeous first day of spring - Happy Spring, Ya'll! - I decided to make a colorful garland (like thisthis, and this).

In no way is this project expensive, just need a few items, and its certainly not perfect (just wait till you see my cutting - I cut like a 5 year old except without those plastic safety scissors).

What you’ll need:

  • Craft paper - I bought mine in the dollar section at Target!
  • Bakers twine - Again, another fab find in Target's dollar section.  If you can't find twine, you can also use some yard, embroidery thread, or ribbon.
  • Tape - I used Scotch's Advanced Tape Glider.  I'm sure you can just use regular tape or even glue.
  • Scissors - I used everyday scissors.  I will definitely invest in some craft scissors.

  • First, I measured out long I wanted the garland to be.  I cut three strands of twine.


    Next, I started cutting out circles or wannabe-circles.  
    I'm a horrible cutter and 
    couldn't cut a straight line for the life of me!

    At first I was free cutting circles, then I had the bright idea to take a strip of paper...

    ....fold it in half...

    ...and cut your circle.  You want to have two of the same size circles so they can be taped back to back on the twine.  
    That way when the string twirls, the backside has a design too and not just  plain white.

    Here's my scraps!

    Pretty circles!  Love my cheap Target craft paper!  Thank you Target <3

    Getting excited!

    First strand done!  Just chillin' on the chair waiting for her (or his) buddies to get made!  (YES, my garland has a gender. haha)

    Standing up to stretch and decided to 
    take a picture of my newly vacuumed and tidied up porch!
    I love that green and white rug - snagged that at Goodwill (a Target rug) for only 15 bucks! 
     At Target that would at LEAST be 20, probably $30! Score!

    Loki is all tuckered out from all that crafting!

    Initially I was going to hang the garland in the craft room, but thought it would be perfect on the mantle!  There was even 3 hooks to hang them on!  It was meant to be!


    I taped the garlands on the hooks with a bit of washi tape.

    Brightens up the brick fireplace, dontcha think? ")

    The cost of this project was only $2 - only a dollar for the twine and a dollar for the paper at Target.  I already had the tape glider as a Christmas present, but I believe it was about $20 (probably on sale at Christmas), but don't quote me on that!

    Seeing as how terrible my "circles" are...if that's what they're supposed to time I will definitely invest in some paper hole punches.  But I think it turned out cute and I figure the imperfections of my crafts show the charm and uniqueness of the product!  Its not just a cookie-cutter item I bought at the store.

    What are you doing to bring in the first day of Spring?

    Let me know in the comments!


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